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Derek Forbes Bassist & Songwriter

Derek Forbes Bassist - Welcome to Atrium Talent Derek Forbes Bassist | For bookings: https://www.atriumtalent.com/talent/derek-forbes-agent-derek-forbes-bassist-simple-minds Derek Forbes bassist has sold over 70 million albums and is a triple platinum 70 million selling, Ivor Novello Award winning [...]

Derek Forbes Bassist & Songwriter2018-03-27T20:56:46+01:00

Welcome Union J Band

We welcome Union J Band, A UK Pop Band formed in 2011. Originally formed during the ninth series of popular UK television music competition 'The X Factor', Union J have released albums on both [...]

Welcome Union J Band2017-04-21T13:25:42+01:00

Welcome Steve Levine, Record Producer

We welcome Steve Levine, a Grammy® Award winning record producer, who's career has spanned a three decade period in which he produced albums for The Beach Boys and famously, all 3 of Culture Club's [...]

Welcome Steve Levine, Record Producer2017-04-21T12:33:16+01:00
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