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Chris Carney – Biography

Chris Carney is an Actor & Broadcaster from Liverpool, England. Appearing in films, television and illustrious theatre productions worldwide he has a wealth of experience in the Creative Arts industry.

Films, Television & Voiceovers

As a film actor, Chris appeared in the prestigious ‘Don’t Worry About Me’, the directorial film debut by RTS Award winning actor/filmmaker David Morrissey, which aired on BBC2, and ‘Something Wrong’ alongside Ozzie Yue (Serenity Pictures).

He has also made numerous television appearances and voiceovers, including the prestigious Sainsbury’s 2020 Christmas television commercial, ‘Perfect Portions’ (see below). In addition to this, Chris provides voiceovers for international musical projects.

Theatre – Including Direction & Production

Chris not only has a proven track record acting on the stage, but also in theatre direction and production, such as ‘Living With Macbeth’ (Storm Theatre).

His acting experience includes two full runs at the Edinburgh Festival, and various London theatre productions (including The Old Red Lion, Islington and The Courtyard Theatre, Hoxton).

Chris has starred in acclaimed Liverpool theatre productions including ‘Like I’ve Never Been Gone: The Billy Fury Story’ (Larry Parnes), and two Vauxy Theatre productions: ‘Aiming at Earth’, and ‘Wearing Colours’. He appeared in ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ (Don Pedro) and ‘1984’ (O’Brien): both set in the celebrated Liverpool venue The Kazimier.


As broadcaster, Chris is a guest host on ‘The Interplanetary Podcast’ (‘...the World’s favourite space podcast’), reporting on Space, Astronautics and Space Exploration. In addition to this he hosts a regular show, ‘Losing My Edge’, on Melodic Distraction Radio, which is also provided as a podcast.

Festivals & Public Appearances

Producing almost a decade (since inception) of the world-renowned Threshold Festival of Music & Arts in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle district, Chris is also the music booking lead with Curated Place, and enjoys working with other festivals such as the triple award-winning John Grant’s North Atlantic Flux in Hull, Enlighten Bury, and Spectra (Aberdeen’s Festival of Light).

He also performs as an International DJ as part of The Mixnots DJ Collective at Glastonbury, Isle of Wight, Kendal Calling, and Lake of Stars Festival, Malawi (‘Top Seven African Festivals to Attend’ – CNN). To book Chris Carney for your campaign or project please contact us on the details below.

Photographs by Darren Bell 

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“Carney’s Toddy, on the surface the most cartoonish of the characters, becomes in a way the most rounded and believable of the bunch with his switch from bolshy boy to subdued young man as the enormity of his actions hits home.“

Catherine Jones, Liverpool Echo

Chris Carney as Winston’s saviour/ nemesis O’Brien bought a cool, frightening intensity to his role that was hard to ignore.“

Vicky Anderson, Made Up