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China Crisis Biography

China Crisis are a Gold Record, multi-million selling British pop/rock band: including 11 Top 50 UK Chart singles and 4 Top 40 UK Chart albums China Crisis tour internationally, with commercial success and an extensive following in the US, UK, Australia, and Western Europe.

From their songs being featured in hit Hollywood films such as Gone Girl, to working with esteemed producer Sir Robin Millar and Walter Becker (Steely Dan) on their albums, China Crisis apply an individual, multi-instrumental approach to their music, which has garnered millions of fans across the globe.

Early Days & Influences

China Crisis rose to prominence in 1981 in the midst of a Liverpool based musical renaissance featuring other diverse bands such as Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Teardrop Explodes, Echo and the Bunnymen and A Flock of Seagulls: this Kirkby originating pop/rock British songwriting duo of vocalist/keyboardist Gary Daly and guitarist/vocalist Eddie Lundon have been accompanied over the years by a cast of incredibly creative musicians both in the recording studio, and on their international tours.

Virgin Records and International Success

Signing to Virgin Records and releasing ‘Difficult Shapes and Passive Rhythms’ in 1982, a re-release of ‘African and White’ and their follow up single ‘Christian’ brought them to international prominence.

With influences as varied as Davie Bowie, Stevie Wonder and Erik Satie, their melodies evolved into a distinctive sound, combining elements from jazz, reggae and country with their own brand of pop/rock.

Embodying their own distinct philosophy that ‘the song is the most important thing’, China Crisis not only expanded the creative boundaries of the technology of this period, but also incorporated a range of instruments including horns, strings, woodwind, and pedal steel into their melodies. They employed their finely-honed creative instincts to produce the best outcome for each song.

This individual approach achieved considerable international chart success: Since 1982 the band have scored 11 Top 50 UK Chart singles and 4 Top 40 UK Chart albums, and also achieved Top 40 single and album hits in the Australian, German, Swedish, Dutch, Belgian, Irish, New Zealand and US Club charts. They also toured their albums internationally, gaining an extensive following in the US, UK, Australia, and Western Europe.

This extremely successful period also saw the band honoured to work with Walter Becker of Steely Dan fame as a producer; their collaboration proved so fruitful that the band officially listed Walter as a fifth member on the credits of 1985 album ‘Flaunt the Imperfection’.

China Crisis Modern Work & Tours

Since the turn of the century the China Crisis sound continues to attract the fidelity of not only longtime fans but a new generation of musicians and listeners. In 2015 Gary and Eddie released the seventh China Crisis studio album ‘Autumn in the Neighbourhood’ to widespread critical acclaim, a work referred to as ‘adventurous and contemporary’ and ‘intimate’ in reviews.

During this period the band were also approached by Sir Robin Millar to participate in a special compilation album titled ’80’s Re:Covered’. This album featured top 80’s artists covering some of their own favourite songs from earlier decades, and they contributed a cover of the Carole King classic ‘It’s Too Late’, performed in the style of their own hit ‘Christian’.

Meanwhile, China Crisis classics have been sampled into modern singles by the likes of French Montana and Action Bronson, and the band’s song ‘Wall of God’ was included in the hit Hollywood film ‘Gone Girl’, which introduced their music to a new audience.

The band have undertaken extensive touring to support these endeavours, selling out shows throughout the UK as well as in the US, Canada, Holland, the Philippines and elsewhere.

They also held special events such as their performance of ‘Flaunt the Imperfection Live’ at Liverpool’s Epstein Theatre in honour of the 30th anniversary of the album of the same name. The ‘Flaunt the Imperfection Live’ tour was inspired by the late, great Walter Becker: the band honoured his life and that special part of their relationship together in a series of shows.

In recent years the band also participated in multiple-headliner tours with the likes of Howard Jones, Midge Ure and Tom Bailey of the Thompson Twins.

As 2018 will mark the 35th anniversary of the esteemed album ‘Working with Fire and Steel – Possible Pop Songs Volume Two’, more celebration of the lifetime body of work of China Crisis will surely be in store.

They continue to perform live and are available for dates worldwide.

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