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Ashley Slater is a multi-talented Platinum selling Oscar and Grammy nominated songwriter and musician, noted for his co-founding of International chart hit band Freak Power and for co-writing hit ‘Weapon of Choice’ with Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim) and Bootsy Collins. Ashley is also a popular and prolific remixer, producer, topliner and film score/TV music composer: not only creating award-winning soundscapes for numerous artists, but also touring and working with high-profile acts such as The Rolling Stones, Debbie Harry, Elvis Costello and The The amongst others.

Early Career – Loose Tubes & Microgroove

After performing as a musician in the British Army, Ashley was then awarded a place at the prestigious Goldsmith’s College, London, joining outfit Loose Tubes performing bass trombone in 1983. Eventually becoming front man for Loose Tubes, Ashley was described by Guardian jazz critic and author John Fordham as having “a touch of music hall genius about him”.

After forming seminal cult band Microgroove with John Eacott in 1988, they recorded what Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim) described as “a demo for a brilliant album” on Antilles Records in 1989, which led to the forming of Freak Power.

Freak Power & International Chart Success

Ashley, Norman Cook and Jesse Graham together formed acid-jazz group Freak Power, achieving international chart success and hitting #3 on the UK Singles Chart with ‘Turn On, Tune In, Cop Out’ in 1995. Music writer James Masterton mentioned in his weekly UK chart commentary that the song ‘has the potential to be a major hit’. The song also featured on the Levi Jeans ‘Taxi’ advert the same year (dir. Baillie Walsh). Album ‘Drive-Thru Booty’ reached #11 on the UK Album Chart and was a firm DJ and TV music show favourite.

Fatboy Slim & Weapon of Choice Song

Continuing their co-writing success, Ashley and Norman composed international hit ‘Weapon of Choice’, which hit #10 on the UK Singles Chart and #3 on the US Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Charts. The music video, directed by Spike Jonze and featuring Hollywood actor Christopher Walken, received numerous awards including 6 MTV Video Music Awards (Breakthrough Video/Best Direction/Best Choreography/Best Art Direction/Best Editing/Best Cinematography) and a Grammy for Best Music Video.

Album ‘Halfway Between the Gutter and the Stars’ was an international Top 40 hit, culminating in a #1 position on the UK Independent Albums Chart, and also featured track ‘Love Life’- a co-write between Ashley and multi-platinum Grammy winner Macy Gray.

Collaborations & Compositions

Since Ashley’s global success, he has composed for a wide range of artists, including winning DJ Magazine’s ‘Best Dance Track’ award in 2006 alongside Krafty Kuts and Tim Deluxe for Bass Phenomenon on the Against The Grain label, and a variety of releases with BigLounge and electro swing band Kitten and the Hip. He also provides vocal toplines for numerous international dance artists, and has worked and toured with artists such as Debbie Harry, Elvis Costello, The The, The Rolling Stones, Carla Bley, Hugh Masekela, Ferry Ultra and Rob Hardt amongst others.

Film, Television & Radio Work

Ashley has worked with a wide range of artists and studios. He appeared as Dr. Strangeglove in the Moshi Monsters film (2013), and composed, produced, mixed, arranged and recorded the Oscar nominated soundtrack for the Dave McKean/Neil Gaiman film ‘MirrorMask’ with Iain Ballamy. He also co-composed (with Dave McKean), and produced/engineered the soundtrack of film ‘The Gospel Of Us’ starring BAFTA award winning actor Michael Sheen.

His television credits include scriptwriting, composing and voice work (along with Mark Taylor of A Productions) for ‘The Musical World of Mr. Zoink’ animated series at Sesame Street Studios, and providing voice talent for numerous Tell Tale and Wish Films productions, including ‘Boo’, ‘BB3B’ and voicing the character ‘Mouth’ in the BAFTA Award winning ‘Jim Jam and Sunny’.

In addition to Ashley’s extensive film and television work, he also produces radio dramas for Amazon/Audible, and provides the voiceovers (and songwriting) for numerous commercials.

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