Record Producer Steve Levine appears on BBC Breakfast 10-06-2018

Record producer Steve Levine appeared on BBC Breakfast on Sunday 10th June 2018 (BBC 1’s flagship morning news show) and discussed a range of topics including the following:


Steve chatted with Naga Munchetty and Roger Johnson about the new voice activated soundbars and how they are revolutionising television watching, as the viewer now has the ability to adjust the volume and other aspects such as the bass using their voice. Soundbars also have the ability to decode the 5:1 surround sound for films, giving that excellent cinema experience in the user’s own home.

Steve mentioned that Giles Martin, son of legendary Beatles producer Sir George Martin, has been appointed as a consultant for the new voice activated soundbars. The appointment of Giles Martin is an excellent step in the world of professional audio, because consulting with a record producer for soundbar production means that the audience will hear better detail and resolution of film and music due to the nature of a record producers ‘ear’ for lots of different sounds in the mix.

Steve Hackett and the Genesis Royalty Split

There was a Q&A session with Steve Hackett in The Sunday Times this week and Steve discussed the royalty split of the band Genesis live on air. Steve mentioned that Genesis split the royalties between them equally, making for a democratic process within the band. He also highlighted that when bands have an equitable royalty split, he believes it creates a conducive atmosphere that has the effect of binding each band member together, thus also ensuring royalties in latter stages as the band matures over time. Steve Hackett Sunday Times article here

Savile Row Tailor Tommy Nutter | The Beatles, Abbey Road and John and Yoko

Steve also discussed the publication of new book ‘House of Nutter: The Rebel Tailor of Savile Row’ which details the life and creation of a fashion empire by the famous tailor, Tommy Nutter. Steve mentioned that Tommy’s creations were iconic in the music world: three of The Beatles wore Tommy Nutter suits on the cover of the Abbey Road album, and Tommy also created the white suit worn by John Lennon for his wedding to Yoko Ono.

Gilbert and George | Gallery Opening for New Artists

Steve discussed with Naga and Roger the topic of the new art gallery being established by highly influential artists Gilbert and George. Gilbert and George are establishing a gallery for the purpose of showcasing new artists. They are exhibiting their own works also, alongside their top picks of who’s new in the art world in order to give new artists a much-needed boost. Steve talked about the nature of Gilbert and George’s art and how he also feels that the purpose of art is universal – to provoke and shock the imagination.

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