Ian Donaldson new single release – THERE ARE DAYS

‘There Are Days’ is the first single release from Ians next solo album due out in 2020. We spoke to Ian about this album and what inspired him on his journey:

“It is a song that I hope will resonate on more than one level with listeners.  It can be taken at face value – an upbeat ‘pop’ song – and, if the listener wishes to engage further, the song offers more. Lyrically and emotionally I explore the times in our lives when we can feel as though we have lost a little hope, and possibly are finding it tougher than usual facing each day.

When we feel a sense of being overwhelmed and a little lost.  As though we seem invisible to others and the world around us.  Even to ourselves! When hanging in there and hoping for a better day seems such a vital act. “There are days when we can’t give love away” is a motif of the song.

It is a deep-feeling message from one human, resonating to another.  We all hurt – hurt can’t be avoided. As we have all experienced, sometimes there is no magic cure or instant fix to deal with hard times and all we can do is endure them and hope for the best.  In these modern times when there is an app for just about everything nowadays, there is no app to heal the heart (it must come from within ourselves) and sometimes, it feels as though human kindness is underrated in the face of ubiquitous technology.

The song is both reflective and musically uplifting, the lyric is realistic and yet offers much comfort and hope.  We all need to love and to be loved. We are all the same in that respect. And, as I said at the beginning, if you just want to sing along – good enough. I’m happy with that too”

Ian Donaldson is a Singer/Songwriter (of band H20) and a successful author.

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