Alice Hawkins Photographer Book Launch in Soho, London

Released on April 6th, ‘Alice’s Adventures’ showcases photographs of Alice Hawkins globe-trotting adventures and glam photoshoots. 

Alice Hawkins Photographer | Alice's Adventures Book Launch in Soho, London

In her illustrious career Alice has worked for the finest fashion magazines (including Vogue) and photographed celebrities such as Dolly Parton, Hugh Hefner, Michael Fassbender (for Esquire Magazine) and Pamela Anderson. Released on 6th April, you can purchase your copy here.

Along with client Margi Clarke (who appears in the book), Atrium recently attended the ‘Alice’s Adventures’ book launch at WAH LONDON (Soho), which was attended by many other guests from the creative world including Paloma Faith (see photos below) and actor Shaun Dingwall. On the decks for the evening was DJ Tasty Lopez.

You can see more of Alice’s captivating work at her website All photos © Alice Hawkins.

We caught up with Alice and asked her a few questions, answers below:

Tell us about your new book Alice.

My book is a collection of portraits of extraordinary people I have met and photographed all over the world taken in the last 10 years. A series of adventures, personal fashion trips in magical places.

Alice Hawkins Photographer | Alice Hawkins Book Launch in Soho, London

What originally inspired you to become a photographer?

I didn’t ever envisage being a ‘photographer’ – I just enjoyed making projects and I used photography as my medium. I didn’t go down the usual route of assisting photographers or doing a degree in the subject, luckily I was thrown into a photography career by i-D magazine, who commissioned me to take photos for them after they came to my degree show and happened to like my work.

What’s your dream shoot? 

Dolly Parton!

Who are your idols and why?

My idols are all blonde strong women, ranging from the iconic Dolly Parton to the blonde Polish nurse at my local doctors surgery.

Alice Hawkins Photographer with Margi Clarke at the 'Alice's Adventures' book launch in Soho

Where are your 3 top favourite locations to take photos and why?

America- the light, landscape and the people are all extraordinary in America, I particularly love Texas and Las Vegas. The UK because its my home, I’m proud to photograph it, plus its full of characters! Cuba because it has a special place in my heart and you feel like you’ve gone to another world and everyone is so sexy and beautiful there.

Alice Hawkins Photographer Paloma Faith | Paloma Faith at the launch of 'Alice's Adventures' London for Alice Hawkins photographer

You’ve had a fantastic career including working for Vogue. Where do you see your career taking you over the next 5 years? 

More books, shows and flights!

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Alice Hawkins was interviewed by Atrium Talent