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Classic Rock All Stars

The Classic Rock All Stars are a classic rock supergroup:

  • Classic Rock Supergroup- original members of The Knack, Blue Oyster Cult and Iron Butterfly
  • Available for Tours, Festivals, Live Dates and Private Events

“The 100,000 people in attendance left smiling and singing their songs.“ – John Monroe – (R & R News)

Want to see a band that have sold over 200 Million albums collectively? Musicians so good they’ve driven the course of not just rock history, but film and popular culture?

Every single musician in The Classic Rock All Stars is a groundbreaking and effortless icon to millions of fans across the globe.

About The Classic Rock All Stars

Mike Pinera Lead guitar, lead vocals  BLUES IMAGE – IRON BUTTERFLY

Mike Pinera, lead guitarist, singer, songwriter, producer from legendary rock groups BLUES IMAGE and IRON BUTTERFLY. His first group Blues Image had a major hit with “RIDE CAPTAIN RIDE” which Mike co-wrote and sang.

Mike later joined IRON BUTTERFLY. The Butterfly’s mega hit “IN A GADDA DA VIDA”  is the first Platinum Record Award in music history. It has been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame. Pinera’s playing and songs are featured on the albums METAMORPHOSIS, EVOLUTION, BEST OF THE IRON BUTTERFLY, LIGHT & HEAVY. The DVD, IN A GADDA DA VIDA with Pinera is still a best seller today.

Later Mike and JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE drummer MITCH MITCHELL formed the band RAMATAM. In the late 70’s Mike first solo album ISLA was released on Capricorn Records and his second release a year later, FOREVER on Spector/Capitol. Self-written and produced, he had a hit single with the song GOODNIGHT MY LOVE.

Mike then joined ALICE COOPER. He is on the albums SPECIAL FORCES and ZIPPER CATCHES FLESH. His new album is titled “IN THE GARDEN OF EDEN.” For all the folks who over the years have asked “what does IN A GADDA DA VIDA mean?” Mike is the founding member of THE CLASSIC ROCK ALL STARS.

Albert Bouchard -Drums, BLUE OYSTER CULT

Drummer, singer, guitarist and songwriter Albert Bouchard was a founding member of Blue Öyster Cult and a driving force through the band’s most popular first decade.

Albert’s songwriting was always very present in the band, and he was always experimenting and working with different collaborators.

In 1981 Albert left Blue Oyster Cult and began work on the music that would continue his legacy. Albert’s creative drumming sets him apart from most other rock drummers. Never predictable and always entertaining, Albert’s mastery of rhythm and dynamics is always a treat to hear. Classic Rock euphoria is to hear Albert singing and drumming the monster hits he recorded and performed with Blue Oyster Cult, “Don’t Fear The Reaper” – “I’m Burning For You”  –  “Godzilla.”

They have sold over 24 million albums worldwide – including 7 million in the U.S.

Prescott Niles Bassist, THE KNACK

The band’s debut album, Get The Knack, was one of the year’s biggest albums, holding the number one spot on Billboard magazine’s album chart for five consecutive weeks and selling two million copies in the United States. Lead single “My Sharona” was a #1 hit in the US, and became the number one song of 1979. Follow-up single “Good Girls Don’t” peaked at #11.

Prescott Niles has brought his classical training and rock & roll sensibilities to many projects outside of his work with The Knack.

Prescott was thrilled to play on George Harrison’s “Shanghai Surprise” record and contribute with ex-Sex Pistol Steve Jones to the “Miami Vice” soundtrack.

Prescott’s activities aren’t limited to recording.  He has appeared in the movies “I Crave Rock and Roll” as well as the classic coming of age picture “Valley Girls” starring academy award nominee Nicholas Cage.

In 1979 a monumental video release of The Knack Live at Carnegie Hall became an instant classic.

Reviews of The Classic Rock All Stars

THE CLASSIC ROCK ALL STARS delivered a passionate performance full of high energy and hits. The 100,000 people in attendance left smiling and singing his songs.”

John Monroe – (R & R News)

“The D.J. introduced THE CLASSIC ROCK ALL STARS.. I looked at my husband with a quizzical look and he looked back like, “Just hush!” My heart started beating harder.

Mike Pinera of BLUES IMAGE and IRON BUTTERFLY!  At the mention of his name I couldn’t help but sing “Ride Captain Ride” and hum IN A GADDA DA VIDA under my breath. Albert Bouchard of BLUE OYSTER CULT, DON’T FEAR THE REAPER, O my gosh!  Prescott Niles of THE KNACK, watching them on MTV singing MY SHARONA, he is cute as ever!

We have seen the CLASSIC ROCK ALL STARS three times now. This performance, as every performance, was electrical! When I saw them all together on stage playing hit after hit, I got so excited and forgot I was having back trouble and using a cane!  I jumped up and started dancing, my hubby was cracking up at my reactions but I was movin’ and groovin’ to these legendary artist who were playing like no one had seen in a long time. My back pain was gone. Ya gotta love endorphins!”

Kelly J. – Omaha Nebraska

“After the show The band did a meet and greet. I had bought his CD and looking at the line of people behind me, I  was going to be happy just to quickly have an autograph. But the guys would have none of this! They took their time and  answered our every question.  They have the best smiles and are always interested in everything about you.”

Tom C. – New York City

“You can see in their faces just how much they love  to perform together. Their playing is pure  perfection. THE CLASSIC ROCK ALL STARS  band leave you feeling good. Their high energy performances draw you in to them like a gigantic magnet.”

A Fan for Life – Matt C. – Denver Colorado